How to Get Those Perfect Busts

One of the biggest benefits of having the breasts you want is an increase in confidence

How to Get Those Perfect Busts

You probably are wondering why I am writing this. I am not one of those breast enlargement gurus, but I do want to empower women by helping them make an informed choice before plunging ahead into this pop culture obsession.

Let’s face it, our society has become so shallow that beauty has been devalued, along with a lot of things, among them are sex and love. Beauty today means having the perfectly toned body, perfectly waxed eyebrows, perfectly done nails, which almost always equal to more open doors, more opportunities, more… men. You know I’m right. And I know you love everything about it. What I find so disturbing is this compulsion for big breasts. It’s just like saying that you cannot be a woman unless you have a pair of size xxx boobs. I mean, why? Why would we subject ourselves to this hay-wired mentality? Why would women feel obliged to measure up to this standard of bust-line and self-worth? If you ask me, it doesn’t matter what my bust line is as long as I have a pretty face and a smart ass to go with it. Who’s with me?

But again, I am not an expert on this one. As a health worker, I just feel compelled to urge women to think things through. By women, I mean those ladies 18 and above.

So what are the benefits of having the perfect breasts?
1. Increase in confidence.
One of the biggest benefits of having the breasts you want is an increase in confidence. Women will have more self-esteem because of their new appearance. This new level of confidence allows women to experience new things, such as going on more dates, having an increased level of intimacy and more opportunities.

How to Get Those Perfect Busts
2. Youthful feeling.
Larger breasts provide you with the ability to feel young again. They will be smoother and have fewer wrinkles. Many women find that their breast shape deteriorates over time or after a pregnancy. Larger breasts will allow you to take 10 years off your real age.
3. Improved Body Proportion
You might need larger breasts to have your body appear more balanced and

What are your options?
1. Breast enlargement surgery has been used to correct an undesirable breast size and droopiness for years. However, many women are realizing that this method is not always the right way to go. When you take into consideration the recovery time, the expense and the potential complications that are associated with breast enlargement surgery, you quickly have the desire to find better alternatives.

2. Pills & Creams. Breast enlargement pills often contain synthetic hormones that have been linked to serious health conditions, such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

3. Fat Injections. Injections of lipids/fat cells into the breast tissue are dangerous. While it may provide some results, it can lead to risky side effects such as tissue scarring and direct absorption by the body. Moreover, the presence of fat in the breast tissue can also prevent proper diagnosis of breast cancer.

4. Breast Pumps. The vacuum suction of a pump can end up disfiguring your breasts or even causing breast cancer. The unnatural pumping of the breast over a prolonged period of time is unsafe.

5. Exercises. While hand exercises may seem convenient and less costly than other breast
enlargement methods, they are very ineffective.

6. Undergarments. Buying wonder bras or corsets is a waste of good money and they only work while you are wearing them. To make it worse, they make our chest look weird.

7. Natural Serums. Looks like you have only one option left. Thousands of women are turning to all-natural products that produce results safely and cost-effectively. It’s called Triactol.

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